Healing Hearts Holistically
Cardiac wellness center
A Healthy Heart is A Happy Heart..
Progressing Stress Management Reiki Nutrition Basic Life Support Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Healing Hearts holistically is a non-profit cardiac wellness center whose mission is to serve the South Shore Community by providing a comprehensive plan to promote cardiac wellness for those with heart disease and those at risk factors such as diabetes

Our vision is to provide education and support to clients and caregivers about cardiovascular health.We will provide dietary education, stress management, Reiki, classes on risk factor reduction, and support to those recuperating from a cardiac event and their caregivers.The purpose for Healing hearts is prevention and maintenance post cardiac event in order to prevent future hospitalization by combining Eastern and Western philosophies about medicine and complementary therapies. We have moved to 348 North Pearl St in brockton

Our objectives are; 

  • Provide a holistic unhurried approach to those with heart disease
  • Provide education to those who have had a cardiac event and their family members regarding risk factor reduction
  • Provide stress management techniques
  • Provide Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.
  • Provide education about making healthy nutrition choices